A Traveler’s Diary

A Travelr’s Diary

These lines are heart touching and mesmerizing for a traveller and adventure lover; “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. For some travelling is their greatest passion for life and ultimate adventure. They dream to step in every continent, shore, deserts, forests, mountains and every place that is unseen for them.

What travelling teaches us

Travellers find and seek for free time to hunt new grounds on the globe. Every adventure and every trip increase one name in the index of their traveler’s diary. Travelling is just love of their life and they realize it is so beautiful to be somewhere most of time.

I personally feel that every journey gives you some experience and with increasing number of travels you learn a lot and get diverse experiences.

Orange County Beauty and attractions

Orange county no doubt is having very fine attractions and activities to capture attention of a tourist. Orange County is famous for its community of beaches and coastline. Each of its shores and beaches are having their unique personalities and attributes. It does not matter either you are going for a honeymoon, a romantic vacation with your partner or enjoying a family trip, it is all time fun and enjoyment for everyone.

It also has a vast combination of historic places. It has a preserved heritage in its own way. History lovers find these sights highly attractive and informative.

You have your young ones with you? Surely the Disney world there will make your kids laugh and they will never get bore. Lush green farms give eyes a relaxing view, boost your mood and soothe your soul. Orange County is a complete vacation destination which provides a very good package including every kind of activities. Sunny beaches reflect a gold view that cannot be forgotten even after years. It is also so good for shopping and people get variety of unique things from here.

It is very true and I admire this saying that, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ―Augustine. So please do not wait go and explore this world. I assure you that it will be one of the memorable places of your life.

8 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Diary

  1. Traveling is so much fun, but i never knew how soothing to the soul it can be. You really don’t have to go far, but I can only imagine how wonderful Orange County is. It’s a little expensive, but the scenery is so beautiful that who cares? It looks like it’s worth it to stay there!

  2. It is rightly said that ‘Travelling teaches you a lot’. Travelling and exploring new places can be really exciting and a life changing experience. Yes sometimes it becomes expensive but hey, who cares? Travelling is fun.

  3. Wow!! Orange County seems to be a really amazing travel destination. I am really a travel freak. I believe that people who have not traveled are missing a very important bit of their life.

  4. I can see the strong foundation of a great traveling journey as well as travelling blog. I’m excited to see your updates on Orange County!

  5. Traveling is amazing and it is such a perfect opportunity to learn and evolve. I want to one day travel all over and see the world in places like Europe, Asia, and even other states in the US that I am yet to see. You are so fortunate!

  6. My mother kept journals of her travels, starting in 1933 at age 11 when she took a trip to the Chicago World’s Fair. Later on, of course, they included trips taken with my dad. Late in their lives, when they were both pretty bed-ridden but sharp mentally, she got them out and read them out loud to my dad. What a special thing to have to relive those fun times!

    I have those journals now and have started a blog of them for my grown children. It’s been a great way for them to see their grandparents in a different way – not to mention seeing how different travel was back then.

  7. Excellent advice Bob!! I will definitely keep your tips in mind when dressing and always make a point to bring a journal with me when I travel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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